There’s a light in all of us

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“I love him. It’s been four years and I’ve kind of seen Jack grow up — he’s very smart and he’s very funny and he’s very charming. And he’s great company! You form friendships and that’s been a really special one to me and I literally look into his eyes and I get very upset because I go, ‘No!’  - Lena Headey.

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"Envy’s just another word for ambition."

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Make me choose: Sister Mary Eunice or Misty Day

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you win or you die

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Breaker of Chains
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rosetylered asked: Game of Thrones or Merlin (in colors)

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don’t ever watch interviews with a celebrity if u love them u will see all the little personality quirks and habits they have and most likely see and hear them laugh several times and it will destroy u u will fall in love with them even more don’t do it do not fuckin do it ever i am warning u now save yourself before it is too late

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Once Upon a Smile

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"Even Joffrey. He was all I had, once, before Myrcella was born. I passed hours just looking at him. His wisps of hair. His little hands and feet. Such a jolly little fellow. You hear all about the terrible ones being terrible babies, “we should have known, even then, we should have known…” Nonsense. He was happy whenever he was with me. For a long, long time. No one can take that away from me, not even Joffrey. What it felt like to have someone. Someone of your own.”

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